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12-Leads and STEMI Training (CE)

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Key areas covered are:

12-lead ECG interpretation and STEMI recognition (basic to advanced) can help EMS and hospitals:

  • Improve identification of STEMI patients and improve D2B and DIDO times for patients who need it.
  • Comply with ACC/AHA and ESC/ERC guidelines, protect reimbursement and avoid costly false cath lab activations.

Capnography Training (CE)

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The new 2010 AHA and ERC Guideline recommendations make understanding EtCO2 essential for:

  • ET tube placement monitoring and gauging chest compression effectiveness.
  • Gaining additional insight into changes in respiration, circulation and metabolism.
  • Identifying causes of respiratory distress, establishing a baseline for severity, and assessing response to treatment.

Product Training

Online in-services and tutorials provide basic training for our LIFEPAK 12 Monitor/Defibrillator, LIFEPAK 15 Monitor/Defibrillator, LIFEPAK 20e Monitor/Defibrillator with Code Management Module, LUCAS Chest Compression System, TrueCPR Coaching Device, and CODE-STAT Data Review Software. Quiz questions are also offered after each video section to enhance live product training. A completion certificate will be provided upon successful completion of each in-service video.

Sponsored Lectures & Interviews

Pre-recorded clinical training video and podcasts from industry events.

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